Friday, December 20, 2013

Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes.

"Successful marriage requires you to fall in love many times, with the same person."

I couldn't recall where I got that quote but it seems very true. Marriage isn't an easy thing. At least for me lah. Unless, you've well prepared. Then yes, wajib kahwin!! Sunnah kot. Hehe

Speaking of marriage. Hm. Few weeks back, my aunt (my dad's youngest sister) got married. Alhamdulillah everything went well. I have nothing much to say so let these pictures speak on behalf of me jelah eh. Thee hee

Reception at Kota Bharu, Kelantan; December 7th 2013.

I hardly like pelamin. I mean susah nak jumpa yang cantik to my eyes. But this one, I just can't took my eyes from it. Congrats to the wedding planner or anyone yang involved. :D

Hey there, Pakcu. Looking good. Haha


Baby brother.

Oldest brother.

Cousins and aunts and beautiful flowers. 

So, which one? :P

Reception at Subang, Selangor; December 14th 2013.

Sister and a fresh flower.

Mamito and papita merenjis.

Aku tak merenjis pon. Pinjam yang ibu je sebab bunga telur dia cantek angat so wajib bergambar! :D

Andddd what I like most about this whole ceremony was, I got a box of Fererro Roche. Dia letak dalam goodies bag . Selain this box ada cookies box (which surprisingly the taste sama level dengan Famous Amos) and satu lagi box ada telur. Normally pegi kenduri dapat choclairs je paling urban pon but this time, Ferrero Roche. Uh swag sangat :B

Actually ada 3 all of them. But I already ate one. :P 

All in all, I wish you Suja and Pakcu,Barakallahu lakuma, wa baraka ‘alaikuma, wa jama’a bainakuma fi khair” which technically means, Semoga Allah memberkati kalian berdua dan memberkati atas kalian berdua, dan menghimpunkan kalian berdua dalam kebaikan.

Bermakna sungguh ucapan camni kan? So instead of wishing Happy Wedding Day or Selamat pengatin baru yang sungguh cliche dan telah ditelan zaman malah tak begitu bermakna (eh?), jom wish style Nabi Muhammad plak. Hehe.  

Thanks Maher Zain for this song. Click here for the song (or actually a prayer).



Nurul Farahizzati said...

congrates to your pak cu and his wife :)

Azhafizah Md Nor said...

Tahniah untuk maksu n paksu awak..cantik segalanya :)

fatinsofia said...

hamboiiiiii....bukan maen meriah dia bergambo...
macam dah bau nasik minyak jeee...macam dah bau kambing golek jeee...hahah.
yeayy!pasni mai pulak naik pelamin.....

Maicher said...

Weyy sabar lu blaja pon tak habis lagi. Haha

Nabiha Zaidi said...

Wawww, cantiknya pastel colour. Trend sekarang kennn.

Anonymous said...

erm...your family...urmmm seems ver happening. Suka tengok ;)

Pha Is said...

of bunga telur and bally shoes.. still remember that short story