Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm scared!

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Yesterday was  the  day of keluarnya result PMR. Congrats to those who had passed it with flying colours. You feel like on top of the world, with a jar of cookies in hand didn't you? Lol jk. 

But to those who didn't, don't be too sad that you cry days and night. I know you've tried your best. It's the matter of rezeki dear. Your rezeki is somewhere else that you yourself don't have a single clue about it. Be patient and have faith. *hugs*

I tweeted this yesterday and I feel uneasy then.

Sounds so berlagak, yes? Actually that is not my intention.

My intention is only to berlagak to this one makhluk, but then as my tweet is visible (Twitter bukan macam Facebook boleh choose audience) to all friends, mesti nampak macam tweet riak di mata insan yang membacanya. 

Here's the story.
There's a  friend of mine. Shes rich, beautiful, smart but too bad, she always berlagak. She always belittles others. She always belittles me. :( 

Allah's power, when it comes to peperiksaan besar like PMR, SPM, she'll get lower results than mine. 

So yesterday was the chance. It's the only opportunity that I can literally smashing an apple pie right in her face! I know she was online, so I tweeted that (seperti dalam gambar di atas).

I feel contented for at least, I could teach her a lesson in this way. Hoyeahh! *flips hair*

 But then later I realized... what on earth had I did. Itu riak! Even geram macam mana pun, I couldn't do this. Astaghfirullah. Forgive me Ya Allah. :(

“Tidak akan masuk syurga orang yang dalam hatinya terdapat kesombongan walau hanya sebesar zarah.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

Isn't this hadis scared you?

p/s: Let us practice modesty in our life. If you've ever encounter the same type of friend, just pray that she'll change. 



Faiqah Umaira Jamly said...

now i'm scared.

Nauzubillahiminzalik. May Allah saves us from being riak & takabur.

Thanks for reminding :)

Maicher said...


MekJah said...

hahaha. sorry but I found this is funny. You've proved that you are human too.

Maicher said...

mek. shes so annoying yaknow. bragging with her dad's harta and all. ergh.

btw, i know this post sounds so immature. haha

iKhRam said...

orang baling batu, kita bg bunga..

riak ni adalah senjata syaitan yg paling halus..


makin beramal seseorang tu, makin tinggi juga hasutan riak ni.. huhu

sekarang, saya juga takut.