Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Manicure pedicure.

So last night I coloured my nails. Say  whattttttt????!!
Mom wouldn't like it if she knows about this. Yes, I clearly understand that.

So kenapa insist buat jugak? Okay, these are the reasons. (ke alasan?) :P 

  • Since I'm in the state of 'cuti-cuti Malaysia', (if you know what I mean), this is the only time I could do this. Kalau buat hari tak cuti acano ekau nak ratakan air wudhuk haa?? <<< read in nismilan dialect please.
  • Because I always wanna do this and someone offered it. Thanks Joy. Hehe
  • I just want to know how does it feels like to wake up in the morning with these cute nails. Yes, it is cute. n_n
  • This is exam week and yes, the perfect time. No one would see it. (unless my floormate) And yes they're like, "Mai whats that on your nails? You do it?" Okay okay I knowww. +.+

Whatever it is, this is not a good culture yaknow. I know it's not wrong but this is so not nice of us, the muslims to do it.

This is my first time and insyaallah would be the last. 

I'm sure mom would go, "what have been struck into you? and yada yada" . I'll make them disappear today mom. I wouldn't like it too if my daughter is doing this. 

p/s: Farewell cute lil nails. We would not see each other anymore. 



Faizah said...

hahahaha. ada sae ni dio buat setiap kali cuti-cuti malaysia. santek nya ^^

Maicher said...

dop doh afta this. plus i dont buy it. that is joy's. hehe

Ninie said...

Lama x jenguk Maicher! Ninie pn teringin, tp x pandai. So ninie letak inai tiub je, dua hari dh hilang...keh3.

Maicher said...

well hyee niniee. it's on my nails tak sampai 24 hours pun. mlm smalam pakai around 10pm and tadi tengahhari pukul 3pm dah hilangkan.

i just don't feel this is right. hehe

Jojoy Felix said...

bahahahaa... now i get it why u removed it ptg tadi.. ahaa.. =p

Maicher said...

eh joy is here! yeap, that explains. :)

Huda Diaz said...

Cute little nails? They look so wrong to me. :|

Maicher said...

Zaid. okay i knowww. :(