Monday, September 27, 2010

Follow the flow...

salam and hey..
i was doing my assignment right now..
but i..
just feel like to write something..
hemm..i would like to ask u two questions.
the first one is,
have u ever touched,,
(i mean reallllllllly2 touched)
...bcos of a song?
if u're asking me this,i would certainly say yes..
the song that did it job well that cause my tears prickled is
DIRI AMBO by Halim Yazid.
i donno if u know this song.
try listen to it and really...uhhh emm..touching..meaningfull..
well at least for me..
and so far...
that song is the only song that manage to make me cry.

and this is the second question.
have u ever touched,,....
bcos of a movie?

for this question,
i would also say yes.
yeap, that is the movie title that manage
d to make me cry.
if i'm not mistaken, Rashid Sibir is the director.
i donno why.
there are so many other sad movies,
and i never cry watching them..
even Titanic ;p
but this one..uhhhh..i can't withstand.

both of the song and movie are about life.
after pondering and thinking..
my life is not as hard as them..
i should cherish my life more instead of sigh for this and that.
am i?

p/s: why on earth i post this?

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