Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Asean school games

Salam people!

Remember the human graphic thingies?
Here is the continuity of the story :)

As a sem 1 student, we're asked to make a human graphic for the asean school games. And of course, this involve several IPGs(Institut Perguruan Guru)-IPG Kampus Raja Melewar, IPG Bahasa2 Antarabangsa, IPG Bahasa2 Melayu, IPG Ilmu Khas, IPG Bangi, IPG Teknik and much more.

Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia(of course), Singapore, Vietnam are the among of country involve in these games. And as the tuan rumah for the second time this asean school games was held, Malaysia has sent a maximum number of contestant. About 300+..if I'm not mistaken, then follow by Singapore.

Here is several pictures that I sempat snap :)

human graphic team.yeahhh

my seat.haha


As for now, I feel sooooooo relieved as everything was already over. Hey it's not the game. It's the human graphic thingy oukey.
These games will be held til 21st July 2010.
Patiently wait for the winner :DD

p/s : As for Malaysia team, do your best. Aza aza fighthing :)

I can't wait for the result ^__^

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