Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang

Yesterday was my best friend's big day. I mean birthday.

So I'd love to dedicate this poem to her.

Kita berbeza banyak tak sama
You come from Selatan and I am from Timur
You are pretty and pandai nyanyi
You talk a lot and so friendly
Selalu ceria buatku ketawa beria
Tapi tak apa you cepat lega
We share laughter we do the work later
You'll be my friend till the very end.
Oh I love you I really do.

P/s: Ni je termampu buat sajak for this time. So busy. Hence the quality. ;p

You and I.

In the same GERKO's purple tshirt.

I love candid the most. On memanah tournament day. 

We even got the same watch. :')

Selfie. Self photography. 

People said to save the best for the last. So I put this.

May Allah showers you with His never ending blessing. I'll pray that He protect our friendship for forever and ever.

Happy birthday, Fatin Sofia Ithnin. :)


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