Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It affects you?

I asked again. How does this affect you, trainee teachers? Your answer would define you. 


Aliah Ginger, 21 said...

As I love this profession, I won't nag all day just because they changed the system. I mean I love this job, I didn't choose this path mainly because of the 'system' before. BUT. I'm not a really brilliant student as I need to compete with others graduate later. Of course, I'm mad. Sometimes my hard work didn't paid off and I'm scared at the end of the day, my friends would leave me and get into school. What about me? That leaves me something to worry about. But no matter what, I love being a teacher and I hope I'm strong enough for everything happened later.

iKhRam said...

lepas ni kene belajar dgn gigih utk menjadi seorang yg sgt berkualiti...

Maicher said...

Well said. It's just saddened and frustrated me so much on how some of our fellow trainee teachers respond to this issue.

Who, after all, would feel please to hear upon this news. No one right?

But, those harsh comments by our friends are so disappointing.

People are looking. Like, we're the future educators. Voicing out opinion is good. But, do it the right way. Start by using the right words maybe?

p/s: Thanks btw, for giving your opinion on this ;)

Maicher said...

Bro Ikhram.
Quality over quantity. Always. :)

asliner said...

ok..sesiapa dalam bidang nie kene competitive enough lah..:)