Monday, February 21, 2011


Salam readerss...

This week happens to be a bit hectic.
Well of course. Piles of assignment need to be hand over, quiz, tutorials and all.

Arghh yarghh.
Orite never mind.that is just my introduction.
I’m going to tell all of ya about CELCOM.
Yes, Celcom.. the so-called terpantas, terluas, terbesar. zzzz

It’s like this.
It has been awhile since I don’t use the MMS (multimedia message service).
But last night, I did. I send a picture to my mom.
Alright, that’s not the point.
The point is, my credit has been deducted for about RM 3.50 !

I knew that most of you will say
“ala tiga hinggit stengah je pon, kecoh ar”
“baru tiga stengah, bukan tiga ribu lagi, relax ar”

But, don’t u think that it was just not worth it to send just a picture that is normally cost 50 cent with RM 3.50?
Hell yeah, that is incredibly absurd!

Okay wait, that’s not just that.
I feel double triple annoying when after a few minutes.

I received a picture from my sister.
And guess what,
again, another RM 3.50 deducted !
Hey what the heaven is going on ??

This is so annoying !
The next morning, I decided to call the Celcom Center.

The conversation takes almost 1 hour (macam cakap ngan mak aku).

The customer servicer name is Ehsan, ID 1614, Menara.

Heres more less the conversation sounds like.

Ehsan : Hello, good afternoon.Ehsan is speaking . Miss Maisarah is it.?
Me : Yeah, I am.

Ehsan : So what can I help you miss?

Me : (I told him the situation as above)
Ehsan : Oh, that is normal for a smart phone. The internet is been updated.
Me : Err, I don’t even use smart phone.
Ehsan : What phone are you using?

Me : Nokia 5610-d.

Ehsan : Smart phone la tu.

me : Ouhh really?.i thought smart phone is some kind like iPhone, BlackBerry. *malu

Ehsan : *giggling. Well, it is normal for a smart phone to update the internet thingies.

Me : I've been using this phone for almost 3 years and it don't happen to do update like

Ehsan : blablablabla…

I told my friend what had just happen. And guess w
hat? She encountered the same problem too. She told me that Celcom is not using GPRS to send the picture, but the internet. Arghh no wonder. Is it true? Anyone knows? Please.. I need help!

I gotta go now.
me if you know.

Bui-bui .

p/s : I don’t want to send mms anymore. -.-‘


platipus said...

mak aih..mahal nya..apa kata kau jgn hntr mms..baik 3g je terus..hehe

fifianggun said...

erm,,,celcom tu alasan je bagi nk upgrade mcm2,,,
erm,,my fren masalah sal broadband,,

ct norfariza said...

isk3.. is ti really????
adoii... ceq da tgne smart fon gak n lom pnah g anta mms... jenuh la klaw cmnie....

maicher said...

fariza. betol tak tipu.
skang tak brani guna dah.

Lutfi Adam said...

u should change u're cell service to maxis... waahhhh.. soo cool... haha..

MAiCHER said...
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