Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Salam everyone.
After several days (maybe weeks ) of silent from me,
i want to tell a story.
ho yeah! a story.
a value one.
it's about my previous juniors
when i was in secondary school.

From the first time i saw him,
i thought hes my friend.
he looks exactly like my friend.
i could say this kid is a kinda nerd.
but that was not a big deal then.
hes brilliant
hes pious
has a lot of knowledge in politics, and current issues.
oh my,
if u knew him
u could say that hes not 15.
very matured!
he reads books that rarely a 15 years old teenage read.
and i just knew that hes been tranferred to one of the mrsm bitara.
oh my,
u deserve that, kid!
May God bless u always.

And same goes with this girl.
hes classmate.
also brilliant.
and if i'm not mistaken,
she got an award for the best student of form 3.
wasn't that great people?
i like this girl a lot.
she could give great speech spontaneously.
and the speech,
oh my.
how on earth i'm gonna describe it.
very motivational!
shes only 15!
and she could speaks like shes 20s, 30s.
she inspired me.
shes pious too.
err.. also kind of good looking.
soft spoken :)
in short, she comes with full package.
i admire her.and,
her parents must be glad to have her as their daughter.
May u achieve success wherever you go dear :)

For last, hoping that Merbokianzz continuosly flies up, up and up!

p/s:greatly miss Merbok.
p/s/s: i want to be matured too. ^__^ (i'm trying hard for this)


Cik Jari said...

MRSM bAru ke tuh?wahh..admire kat that gurl jugak..takde pic ke?

i.am.my said...

aah.agak baru la.
baru 3 taun.
pic die? hehe.
takde la plak.

platipus said...

bdk mrsm rupanya..pandai..grr

edi_fm32 said...

kenangan zmn sek mmg best..suasasa y bbza dr skrg mybbkn kngn itu x kn dilupa

i.am.my said...

edi:yea..ak rindu tyme skolah :'(

MAiCHER said...

pus. mana da la. biasa ja.