Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth day

Salam's been a days since I last left the very first post. Ehem. Okay, I will write. Make sure you read it until the last dot. It's earth day people!

22 April. The date that had been chosen by (i don't know who) to be the earth day. Accurately 18 days after my 18th birthday..hehhe. I wonder what people do today to celebrate it. As for me, I water my plants(?). Hey! it's my everyday routine anyway. But today, it's a bit differ. I water them along with a lot of thanks. Yes,with a tanks of thanks. For supplying oxygen to me. *yawn*

And again..I keep wondering. Why the heck is actually people make this Earth Day. Is it to thanks the earth for giving us some space to live? Or to remind people to be kind to earth? Or, just for fun? haha. Whatever it doesn't matter. I'm frightfully sure that they did this thing for a reason. A good one. Which myself didn"t know why. Or you too reader? heee.

But that was before. Now I knew. The objective, the main target and the goal for designed such this special day. And I also knew the people-that-I-don't-know-who before for founded this day. It's actually by U.S Senator, Gaylord Nelson in 1970. A long time ago huh? To be blunt, I only realized this day a couple of year before. Danggg! Okay okay back to the topic. The main purpose is actually to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth environment. But then, do they really reach the goal? Hurmm..

Reached or not, is not a big deal right?(eh, big deal jugak sbenarnye,kalau tak sia-sia je laa si Gaylord ni buat earth day ni kan) The important is, we together make it real! It doesn't matter if other people ignored such this campaign. As long as the earth still got several people like us to take good care about them. As I live at earth, I care for earth. As for JUPITERian, VERNUSian, MARSian and others too, take good care of your planet kayh. Then will see, which planet is the best..haha.

For conclusion, take good care of our earth okay. By hook or by crook, don't let the JUPITERian win. Yeahh!

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